Map Ranking


Opponents defeated: 226.257 (98.)
Tribe: Ruckus

Villages (10) Coordinates Points
001 Mordor
421|499 8.005
Baseline 01
417|505 2.570
415|506 6.019
~Pandoras Boxx~
408|503 10.044
~Pandoras Fury~
400|500 9.282
~Pandoras Hope~
399|499 8.379
~Pandoras Mystique~
411|508 10.273
~Pandoras Nightfall Gemwillow~
400|501 10.287
~Pandoras Sky~
414|504 10.197
~Pandoras Slaughter House~
414|508 10.287
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Personal text
Oh we go again heartheart

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Go Ahead Open The Boxx..You know you want too...

Don't noble within my 7X7 or the boxx opens automatically....

Pandora's Boxx
Of forsaken fiery, of serpent's breath,
Of bloodless guts sacrificed in truth or dare.
Of fantasy mages springing to life,
Of silver chests with treasures divine.

It tugs, it pulls, your inspiration's ignited.
You peep, you inquire, it gets you excited.
You take a step, inch closer... it's haunted!
You run, you falter... you've expired.

This is no ordinary treasure chest,
It promises life eternal, power over the rest.
With unseen eyes, it calls your name.
It beckons you to play The Game.

"Give me your soul," - a simple exchange.
With friends for life, and brothers the same.
It snatches the dreams you try to tame,
Shreds it to pieces, back to where you came.

Onward you trudge; on this soul-costed mission.
You lost track of time, you lose sense of age.
Three years have passed on artificial passion,
You've opened the Boxx; you're stuck in this cage.

And you can't come out no matter how you try,
Whether your soul screams or your thoughts whine.

MY wonderful Co's will add their names if they want to heartheart

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